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A wildlife road trip on Mexico’s Baja California Sur

From stroking grey whales to snorkelling with sea lions, there are plenty of wild adventures on this Mexican peninsula. British naturalist and eco-adventurer Catherine Capon shares five of the best. 1. Humpback whales in Cabo San Lucas Cabo is known as a spring break destination for American students, but if you take a boat from […]

Six Animals With Bad Reputations

Man-eating sharks, venomous giant lizards and snakes that can swallow a human whole; these don’t sound like the type of animals you want to be on the same continent with, let alone getting within a few metres of. However, in 2015, I’ve made it my mission to meet some of the most ‘deadly’ creatures on […]

Only Men Can Be Adventurers

‘But you don’t look like an adventurer’ was the response I received from a potential sponsor when I explained my campaign for 2015. ‘I’ve had to fire women from expeditions before; they are too distracting’. These examples aren’t even nearly the worst of the sexist remarks that I’ve been subjected to this year. So, I’d […]

Can Wildlife TV Change The World?

As with all popular culture, different television genres have had their turn in the limelight depending on the mood of the nation (who knows what Britain was going through to allow ‘Eldorado’ to air!). But, the one field of programming that has been admired throughout the decades is Natural History. The reason for its everlasting […]

Conservation Vacations: Protecting Endangered Animals

‘Ecotourism’ isn’t a particularly sexy term – shabby huts, cold showers and middle-aged couples in sandals is what normally springs to mind. However, I’ve dedicated the whole of 2015 to encouraging more ecotourists (or ecoadventurers, as I’m trying to rebrand us) because wildlife-watching can be a world away from sitting in a hide with binoculars and […]

Welcome to CatherineCapon.com!

Thank you for entering my little pocket of cyber space that I’ve tried to fill with as much passion, pointers and pictures as possible. Promoting wildlife watching holidays as a sustainable conservation tool is what drives me every day. It’s an ever evolving project and there is always room for improvement so please so let […]

The Exotic Pet Refuge

Michael Jackson had a pet ape, Justin Bieber kept a spider monkey (or was it a capuchin; like the one Ross had in friends?!), Long John Silver had a parrot and Mike Tyson owned a white tiger… Whether real or fictitious, people often attempt to keep exotic animals as pets and sometimes with disastrous consequences. […]